Steven - Dental Prosthetist

Steven de Bono

The founder of Bon-Dent Dental Laboratory in 1983. Steven graduated from Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne as a Dental Prosthetist in 1985. He has over forty years of experience and has the ability to successfully manufacture acrylic, chrome cobalt, FRS (flexible resin dentures), Over-Dentures and BPS dentures.

Steven is continuing his professional development completing several courses per year including implant over-dentures, improved technology, mastering the aesthetics of removable dentures, creating the premium denture and alternative techniques materials.


Theory and Practical Application of Full Over Denture Treatment
International Team for Implantology, ITIAG, 2003

Crown and Bridge
Halas Dental, RMIT, 1989

Removable Orthodontics
RMIT, 1987

Achieving Perfect Fit, Form and Function
DPAV, Dental Prosthetists Assoc. of Victoria, Continuing

Member of

Dental Technology –Australian Institute of Surgical and Dental Technicians, 1993

Australian Dental Technicians Association 1986

Dental Practice board of Victoria 1985

ADPA 2016

APHRA 2010